Successful start of export in 2019 to the countries of Central Asia

Подтверждением правильно выбранной стратегии компании является тот факт, что с каждым годом экспорт производимой продукции увеличивается, и сегодня годовой оборот компании составляет……

Our company

The production and supply of motor oils to the market in Uzbekistan is carried out by many companies whose products significantly vary in terms of quality and reliability. In order to supply motor oils to the Uzbek market that meets all the requirements of the world standard in technology and quality, a joint venture JV …

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New Year's discounts

IMPORTANT INFORMATION The coupon entitles you to a discount of up to 30% on VALESCO engine oil and antifreeze from VALESCO OIL. The discount on the products under the promotion is provided only if the oil is replaced in the EXPERT OIL PZM network. The prices can be found in the price list. One coupon …

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