New Year's discounts

New Year’s discounts


  • The coupon entitles you to a discount of up to 30% on VALESCO engine oil and antifreeze from VALESCO OIL.
  • The discount on the products under the promotion is provided only if the oil is replaced in the EXPERT OIL PZM network.
  • The prices can be found in the price list.
  • One coupon is valid only for one car.
  • Before you receive the service, be sure to inform our partner that you have come for the VALESCO OIL promotion
  • Pre-registration is required by phone:
  • +99897 712 03 39
    +99897 712 03 39
  • You can purchase an unlimited number of coupons for this promotion both for yourself and as a gift.
  • It is not necessary to print the coupon, it is enough to provide its number and SC-code.
  • The coupon is valid until January 31, 2021 (inclusive).